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Activity Reports

WHO-FIC Asia Pacific Network Meeting 2010
Tokyo, Japan
December 4- December 6, 2010

Forty-five persons from six countries, as well as Dr. Robert Jakob from WHO headquarters attended the 5th WHO-FIC Asia Pacific Network Meeting held in Tokyo. The meeting was co-chaired by Dr. Kenji Shuto(Japan) and Dr. Sukil Kim (Korea). With the theme of “Mobilizing the next generations”, participants actively made presentations and discussions during three days. Dr. Toshio Oi, Chairman of JHIM, made an opening remark at the first day and Dr. Tsuneo Sakai, President of Japan Hospital Association, made a keynote speech on the topic of “My Hopes on APN as President of Japan Hospital Association” at the second day.

Commemorative photo

During the meeting:
Dr. Toshio Oi (right),
and Dr. Tsuneo Sakai (second from the right)
Dr. Tsuneo Sakai giving a keynote speech at the meeting.

During the meeting

Congress of International Federation of Health Records Organization
Milan, Italy
November 15- November 19, 2010

Triennial meeting of IFHRO was held in November 2010 at MIC - Milano Convention Centre.

Ms. Margaret Skurka has taken over Ms. Lorraine Nicholson’s position as President of IFHRO, and Ms. Angelica Haendel was nominated as President Elect of IFHRO. Ms. Yukiko Yokobori, General Manager of JHIM, was also formally nominated as a Director of South East Asia Region of IFHRO at this meeting.

WHO-FIC Network Meeting
Toronto, Canada
October 16- October 22, 2010

Annual meeting of WHO-FIC Network was held in Toronto. With the theme of “Data makes a difference”, participants from all over the world were gathered together in this international city. Dr. Kazuo Matsumoto on behalf of other members made a presentation regarding “Research on Appropriate Recording of ICD-Based Death Certificates for Improving the Accuracy of Mortality Statistics in Japan”.

Delegation Members of JHA & JHIM During Dr. Matsumoto’s Presentation

During the Meetings

Delegation Members;
Dr. Toshio OI, Chairman of JHIM and Special Advisor of JHA,
Mr. Kazuhide YAMAGUCHI, Special Adviser of JHA Secretariat,
Dr. Kasuo MATSUMOTO, Councilor of JHIM and Professor of Medicine at Saitama Medical University,
And Ms. Yukiko YOKOBORI, General Manager of JHIM, participated in the meeting.

iCamp2 & Revision Steering Group (RSG) Meetings
Geneva, Switzerland
September 27- October 1, 2010

The second meeting of iCAMP, a major meeting of the TAG managing editors, classification experts and computer experts, and RSG meeting were held in Geneva from 27 September. Dr. Shuzo Yamamoto, the Honorary President of JHA, visited WHO headquarters during iCamp2 and RSG meetings and extended his appreciation to WHO for appointing him as a temporary advisor. He also encouraged the participants of the meetings with announcing the JHA’s continuing assist on WHO toward revision of ICD in 2015.

At the interview between Dr. Ties Boerma (Acting Assistant Director-General) and Dr. Shuzo Yamamoto

From left to right;
Dr. T. Bedirhan Üstün, Dr. Ties Boerma, Dr. Shuzo Yamamoti, Mr. Kazuhide Yamaguchi, and Ms. Yukiko Yokobori

During the meeting

Delegation Members;
Dr. Shuzo YAMAMOTO, Honorary President,
Mr. Kazuhide YAMAGUCHI, Special Adviser of JHA Secretariat,
And, Ms. Yukiko YOKOBORI, General Manager of JHIM, participated in the meeting.

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