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Activity Reports

WHO-FIC Family Development Committee-Mid year meeting 2011,
Think Before You Measure Symposium,
And Towards ICD-11 for Australia.
Sydney, Australia
June 27- July 1, 2011

WHO-FIC Family Development Committee (FDC)’s mid year meeting as well as two other significant events were held at the university of Sydney from 27th of June. This was the first participation of WHO-FIC FDC meeting for Japan Society of Health Management and Dr. Shujiro Otsuka, Councilor of JHIM, and Ms. Yukiko Yokobori, General Manager of JHIM, assumed a mission as delegation members. Dr. T. Bedirhan Üstün from WHO headquarters attended Think Before You Measure Symposium which is one of three significant events held in the same venue, and made a speech on the topic of “Integration for Health Classifications: Sharing Ontologies”. Exchange of opinions toward ICD-11 had been actively carried during these five days.

In front of the venue During WHO-FIC FDC meeting

With FDC members During Towards ICD-11 for Australia

IFHIMA Executive Board Meeting
Malaga, Spain
June 2- June 3, 2011

International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA) executive board meeting was held in June 2011 at Sede del congreso in Malaga, Spain. All of nine boards representing six regions of the world gathered to discuss a strategy for future development of IFHIMA. Ms. Yukiko Yokobori, as a director of South East Asia Region, participated this meeting and active discussion was held during two days meeting.

Front from left to right;
Ms. Nicholson (Immediate Past-President), Ms. Skurka (President), and Ms. Haendel (President-Elect).
Back, the third from left; Ms. Yokobori

In front of the Venue During the Meeting

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